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 This step is mercerizing process using knit in the condition of wearing. This step is widespread process in the next two points. First, provide textiles surface with luster. Second, increase the added value of the textile products by transforming the property of a knit.
In point of being able to do consecutive mercerizing, knit mercerizing differs from yarn mercerizing. So the productivity of this processing is very high. The following is the process of knit mercerizing. Infiltration of caustic soda →contraction →sealing →washing →neutralization.
Knit has a plan for process development of outaging process of we have a plan for precess development of outaging process of 100% polyester. (outaging process of weaving products)
Another product which is using special process method is antibiotic →deodorization process. Now is under development of removal →odor process. From stability process, fragrance process, etc.

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